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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 17, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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down this alley way and then also, nine stories up from that window there where they believe she fell from. investigators are trying to figure out what exactly cause that had little girl to fall. almost a tragic as the the death of a little girl who fell nine stories to her death as the fact that her big sister just 11 years old may be the only witness. >> she runs, starts screaming through the building. >> reporter: investigators are giving her time to mourn the loss before they begin to question her. right now police are calling the incident an accident, they say the eight year-old was looking at something outside her father's apartment window just before she fell. fairfax apartment managers wouldn't comment on the accident but tenants had lots to say. >> so generous. >> reporter: u penn graduate student he you is a tenant and wand are if more safety measures may have prevented something like that. >> i think that the apartments
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need more security windows to prevent this disaster. >> reporter: he says his heart goes out to the single father who is believed to be a penn grad student. >> i feel very sorry for them. i don't know what happened. >> reporter: special victims detectives tried to figure that out they say it is not an easy case to investigate. >> words cannot explain, it is just a tragic incident. we have an eight year-old child, an 11 year-old sibling who hears her and sees it and a young father who clearly is caring for his two kids the best way he can and it meets this end. >> reporter: police say window structure appears to be safe so they don't believe anybody is culpable but they also say that they still have a lot of work to do. we are live from west philadelphia noel mcclaren for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". terribly sad incident there noel, thanks very much. we're learning new details about the suspects wanted in the brutal attack on a same
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sex couple in center city philadelphia. police are now closer to making an arrest all thanks to social media. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is at central detectives with more, todd? >> reporter: chris, detectives tell me that they have been in direct contact with some of these attorneys for the suspects and that detectives here are expecting some of those suspects at some point today to come in here and make a formal statement. sources tell "eyewitness news" that the suspects in this case have ties to bucks county, and many went to the same high school. shortly after this clear surveillance video was released, the tips started to flowing into police. video show a group of a dozen young men and women walking through center city just minutes before a brutal attack. before the attack some of the suspects were together, at a center city restaurant where this picture was taken. picture was then circulated on social media and that led to cyber spoofs helping, identify suspects for police but now
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the restaurant faced backlash on social media and an employee says that is very unfair. >> we have had nothing to to with it. first of all. second of all, we're not withholding any information. it is in the like we have seen it or denying it or protect anybody. it is against the law, whatever they did it the ace begins the the law. we would have seen him or happen here we would have called the authorities. >> reporter: both victims are urging suspects to turn themselves in. they were attacked thursday nate just before 11:00 at 16th just south at walnut and chancellor. they say some were yelling gay slurs at them while hitting them. twenty-six year-old victim was beaten so badly he was hospitalized for more than three days and will have his jaw wired shut for the next eight weeks. as of right now still no arrests have been made. reporting live from central detectives, todd quinones for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right todd, thank very much. in camden today police were handing out flyers, they investigate an assault on a woman 567894 year-old home
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less woman walk in the hospital around 1:00 o'clock in the morning, she had been assaulted on mount evefram avenue near sheraton and jackson street police say woman had been cut on her head and ears several times and she may have been dragged. manhunt continues tonight for a gunman who ambushed two pennsylvania state troopers killing one of them. state police released new photos of the shooting suspect eric frein. investigators say he belonged to a military simulation unit whose members played the role of soldiers from eastern europe. the the 31 year-old is accused of killing corporal brian dickson and critically injuring trooper alex douglass. >> it is a cowardly act, as we said before, the troopers did not have a chance. >> it was clear that eric frein has a long standing grudge with law enforcement and government in general. >> investigators say frein has survival training and is extremely dangerous. meanwhile funeral services for corporal dickson will be held
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tomorrow. chopper three over a crash involving a pennsylvania state trooper on interstate 95. this happened in the southbound lanes in tinicum township near bartram avenue exit. that trooper from the belmont barracks was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. a driver loses control, causing a crash in delaware county today. chopper three was over that scene on the 2500 block of west third street in chester. there is no word on any injuries from that crash and how it happened is not yet clear. police continue an investigation. new at 6:00 search is on for a suspect who used a banana to rob a market on poplar street in the east park side neighborhood. the suspect did not have a gun, but did he grab a banana off a counter, put tonight his pocket and pretended as if he did. after taking money and cigarettes the banana wielding suspect took off. >> he then gets on to his bike and gets away on that bike. we are asking for public's help. neighborhood resident we believe. we are fearful he may continue
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on doing further robberies and did he put these people in fear. they could not tell what the item was and he claimed he had a gun. >> all this happened yesterday around 9:00a in m. if you recognize this suspect you are asked to contact the police. >> we are enjoying a nice stretch of weather, even if our nights are getting a bit chilly. meteorologist cat i orr is live on the skies deck with the first check of the forecast, kathy. >> after a cool start very pleasant finish and temperatures will be falling through the 60's this evening. so really not a september chill, not yet. just a few clouds in the sky on storm scan three and really not much else to talk about this evening. just looking at some cooler temperatures coming our way tonight. there was a pleasant day with a high of 75. average 78. close to normal. mostly this week will be below average in temperature for the month. philadelphia 73. right now 62 degrees in the poconos. cool in dover at 69. atlantic city 68. reading and wilmington is 72.
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this evening sun will set after 7:00 p.m. and then cooling down big time. sixty-six at 9:00. by 11:00 it is clear and comfortable. and, and, and, and, below normal, before summer's last blast. it will feel really nice before fall begins. we will have a look at the seven day later when i join you inside. >> kathy, thanks. more candidates are joining race to succeed philadelphia mayor michael nutter next year. "eyewitness news" has learn former philadelphia district attorney lynn abraham is running for mayor. an official announcement has in the yet been made but democrat tells us that she will meet with advisors and trying to raise fund for the race. meanwhile attorney ken truillo became latest democrat to enter the race today. he made the announcement outside philadelphia school district headquarters. he would abolish the school reform commission. he was city solicitor under former mayor john street.
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earlier this month a terry gillan announce heard candidacy for democratic mayoral nomination. she's former director of philadelphia redevelopment authority. other candidates are expect to join the race by the even of the year. law makers in harrisburg once again postponed a vote on the cigarette tax designed to help fund philadelphia public schools. now it may happen on monday. lawmakers in the house why were set to vote on the bill today. there is no official word on why it was postponed. we do know that this legislation strips out unrelated provisions involving things like a local hotel taxes, and economic development programs, for small cities. something you put in your cough east or tea could dramatically increase your chances of getting diabetes. >> that is still ahead on the healthwatch. plus a sign of hope in preventing home lessness in philadelphia, crowd has spoken for new state of the art housing project. behind bars for a good cause, some delaware county jail bird are thrown in the
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jail birds, and make their own bail. that is always fun, quiet on the weather front now and it will get cool out there tonight, but we're already looking ahead to the weekend we will check that out with the seven day come up, hi beasley. eagles getting ready for big division rivalry, and they shut down desean jackson is and washington, and another suspension handed down from last sunday's phillies game, find out who is in trouble now coming up in sports.
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a green glow inside your body could be a life safer. find out why as health reporter stephanie stahl has medical break through tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. septa is getting 90 million-dollar from the federal government to repair infrastructure damage during hurricane sandy. a large portion of that money will be used for flood mitigation as well as signal ape power improvements. officials say they will also work to make their current infrastructure more resistant to future damage from weather. project home is once again doing its part to break the cycle of poverty ape home lessness in philadelphia the group's latest project, brings new homes and opportunities to the chinatown neighborhood.
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"eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry has more on what makes this project unique. >> ground breaking moment for those supporting low-income housing in chinatown. >> this project will be symbols, increasing, economic diversity. it is in center city philadelphia which is amazing. >> reporter: officials say mess low income families cannot afford rent in center city. >> as opposed to transportation, giving access to employment opportunity, grade schools, we want to make sure that we have housing in center city that can meet the needs have of lower income individuals. >> reporter: a group called project home pushed for the building at 810 arch street. it will have nine floors, 94 units and retail space on the ground floor. >> low income, chinese community who are working, restaurants, different things in the chinatown community, and then half will be for people that were homeless. >> reporter: governor tom corbett came to show his
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support. >> it does provide that diversity for many different levels that will make it kind of unique. >> reporter: project will be supported with private and public fund. >> working together we can even home lessness. >> reporter: building is slated to be opened october of next year. in chinatown, syma chowdhry cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, would you like redesign love park to look like in city officials began their suggestions from the public today. many wrote their ideas on paper, others made drawings, and if you could not get over to share you're december, don't worry, the city will be back soliciting eye tease gannon saturday. "eyewitness news" at fraternal order of police lodge in northeast philadelphia where 79 philadelphia police officers were honored today at a merit commendation ceremony. these officers were recognized for their outstanding police work, and public services. on the healthwatch tonight artificial sweeteners could lead to type two diabetes.
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researchers in israel say sweeteners may hamper the way the body handles sugar. more research is needed. they are not recommending any changes though in how people use those artificial sweeteners. getting a rested never felt so rewarding you could say. councilman dennis o'brien all smiles as he was led to jail by upper darby police chief michael chitwood. thinks part of the fund raising benefiting muscular dystrophy. family, friend and co-workers raised fund by posting the bail. >> never been so happy to be locked up. >> that is right. lets talk weather. another lovely night out there. >> it is, in the much changing. been a very quiet september. that is how we like it. if you don't have any tropical systems, messing things up this is how we roll in september. we will be seeing some dips and also some peaks in temperature over the next several days. that is a sign of the times and of the season as we get closer to fall each day. outside a pretty day to take in the boards down the shore,
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ocean city cape may county, in the so busy not like it was a couple weeks ago but still a brilliant day to be outdoors with the sunshine. our live neighborhood network takes us across the region. here is our high temperatures, lewis, delaware, university of delaware, it is 73 degrees. high temperature in birds boro, daniel boone high school 73 degrees in, bethlehem at freedom high 70. and in camden at the academy charter high school temperature 74. not a huge range in temperature today. temperatures have been below average all week and that is how they will stay. you can see tomorrow warmer and then we will drop down friday in the wake of the cold front. right now we are seeing sunny skies, temperatures comfortable, philadelphia in the 70's. most of the region in the 07's with the exception of atlantic city. sixty-eight in the poconos. already down to 62. lots of 60's to the north and west. really a sign of things changing. over the next couple days we will stay sunny but it will be cool toward end of the week.
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tomorrow we will watch this, the cold front swing through the region. it is weakening with mostly precipitation going well to the north of us, by the time this moves through it will wash out. could provide extra clouds that will be just about it. for your thursday mostly sun which temperatures in the 70's. high pressure build back in. temperatures right around 70 degrees. we will get an easterly flow abe that will keep it very cool. saturday, temperatures warming up really nicely and then as this other front goes to the north by sunday we will have the the peak of the warmth before we see fall actually begin on monday. so for your thursday look for mostly sunny skies, another nice day, temperatures 76 degrees. here is what to wake up to tomorrow morning and in the poconos 43. allentown 47. reading 49. lancaster the same. some 50's along i-95 corridor and to the south and east but some signs of things changing.
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overnight we will see those temperatures fall and rise again in the 70's. after that we will cool down friday, and then saturday warm it backup again. 77 degrees, and then you can see as we look through saturday and sunday, looking really nice. feeling more like summer and last day of summer we will feel like it. eighty-two on sunday. machine a chance of the shower. we have a temperature of 77 and then turning cooler next week. get updated forecast anytime with the new cbs philly weather app, check live radar and share your pictures with us, down load that app now on itunes. >> always great to see photos people sent in. >> now we will talk about fall color over next several weeks which is always really nice. >> love that, kathy, thanks. >> good evening everyone, we just have a rush, a very busy rush, we have a few incidents to talk b first we are taking a look at 476 north bound approaching norristown a very serious accident many emergency teams are on the
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scene compromising the right shoulder, however, traffic has got a serious gaper delay here so traffic on the north bound side of the blue route if you are trying to get toward mid county tolls this will set you back. would i imagine that some volume will spill on to the schuylkill expressway. moving on we are looking at 202, 202 southbound at 401. this incident started out as just a disable vehicle but now it seems to be we have a medical emergency. traveling 202 southbound just beyond 401 you'll run into the left lane being block here and a delay stemming back toward chesterbrook boulevard. so it will affect your commute. there is no doubt about that. in regards to speed sensors we are at 21 on i-95. twenty-seven on the schuylkill. ten on 476. lots of traffic on the pennsylvania turnpike heading either eastbound or westbound between willow grove and mid county toll plaza earlier westbound on the turnpike we had an accident at mid county, that definitely added to the volume there we were only just dealing with eastbound delays but now we are recovering from
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the residual traffic n new jersey 295 northbound at 38 we still have an accident here so as we move to the shoulder but still causing delays. we still have volume lingering on the 42 freeway as well. stay with us on cb
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since the schedule was first released eagles fans have been waiting for this sunday's game in philadelphia
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verse washington and the return of desean jackson to lincoln financial field. the team is getting back to work with the shortened week after monday's win over the the colts a lieutenant of attention already on jackson who has been nursing a sprained shoulder, and he will be on the field, as the bird will be ready. >> desean, we know him well. he has got great speed great ability to catch the ball and adjust. he will be amped up to play when they get play their old team but one of the good things our defensive backs have covered him every day, and i think it helps a little bit when you go autopsy begins him in practice and you have a feel for him. >> week three of the nfl kicks off with thursday night football right here on cbs-3. exton native and penn charter high school graduate matt ryan will start for falcons at quarterback as they host tampa bay buccaneers. pregame coverage at 7:30. just days after they said he will return to football minnesota vikings now say adrian peterson will not play again until his legal issues
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are resolve. for now, he will remain on the exempt commissioner's permanent list, front office admit ago this they made a in mistake with their original decision. >> quite honestly there is no manual that you can go back and look through and figure out all this stuff. you justinly do what you think is right. the organization continually do does what they think is right and then you move on. game between phillies and padres out west tonight. cole hamels gets the start looking to help the team snap a three game losing streak. first pitch at 10:10. more fall out from jonathan papelbon as a gesture last sunday, joe west, was suspended for one game today for grabbing papelbon's jersey, neither player or umpire air loud to make contact. he was supposed to work tonight's game between yankees and the rays. >> you got too honor those rules but i don't think anyone blames him at this point. all right beasley thanks. >> we will be right back.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and back here at 11:00. "cbs evening news" is next, wild fires are threatening hundreds of homes, many prepared for floods, what is behind all of this extreme weather, plus search efforts continue, for a cop killer. here now from new york with the "cbs evening news" is scott pelley.
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>> pelley: tonight, manhunt for a cop killer. >> eric, we are coming for you. >> reporter: police say eric frein is the man who ambushed two state troopers, a survivalist who talked of committing mass murder. don dahler has the latest. in the southwest, it's hell and high water. wildfires threaten hundreds of homes in california while arizona prepares for a flood. reports from john blackstone and carter evans. dean reynolds reports football star adrian peterson, charged with child abuse, has been benched again by the vikings, and he's losing more commercial sponsors. and anna werner on the search for the next norman rock well. >> there might be a great genius artist working right next door. captioning sponsored by cbs